Product Development

Build Your Own Custom Products with Soapcreek Manufacturing

We specialize in custom beauty products

Welcome to Soapcreek’s Product Development Hub, where innovation meets customization. Harness the power of organically certified ingredients, cruelty-free formulations, and our prestigious GMP ISO 22716 certification. Specializing in water-free, bottle-free beauty, we offer the unique advantages of ‘Containerless Hot Pour’ and serve as a premier ‘Hot Pour Contract Manufacturer.’ Elevate your brand with bespoke beauty solutions, allowing you to customize everything from fragrances to a diverse range of beauty products, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

Organically Sourced and Best Standard Practices

Committing to excellence, we adhere to the highest standards of organically sourced ingredients and industry best practices, proudly displaying our certifications and approval logos as a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability.

We Offer a 100% Turnkey Solution

From conceptualizing formulas to delivering finished products, trust Soapcreek Manufacturing to tailor your brand’s offerings precisely for the targeted customer segments within your business.

Custom Formulation

Craft your brand’s custom formulation seamlessly, using only organically sourced materials that effortlessly complement your existing product lineup.

Packaging & Artwork Approval

Ensure the perfect presentation for your brand with our Packaging and Artwork Approval service, meticulously aligning design aesthetics with your vision for a flawless, market-ready product.

Procurement, Testing and Quality Assurance

Trust in our comprehensive approach to Procurement, Testing, and Quality Assurance, where each step is meticulously executed to guarantee excellence and reliability in every aspect of your product development journey.

Mixed, Filled and Packaged

Experience efficiency and precision as we expertly handle the entire process — from mixing and filling to packaging — ensuring your products are meticulously crafted and ready for sell to your customers.

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